My Tea Break

Rediscovering Tea around the world

Do you remember Karate Kid?

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is an art and a spiritual discipline. People in Japan use it as a sort of mediation where they detach themselves from the daily routine and attain a deep spiritual satisfaction through the drinking of Tea and through silent contemplation.

On a different level, the Japanese Tea ceremony can also be used to create a relaxed communication between the host and his guests.

If you´re ever in Tokyo and would like to participate in a real Japanese Tea Ceremony these are held at several places:

– The Japanese Tea Gardens have a small tea house and you can participate in a short version of the ritual

– The Suntory museum of Art holds a ceremony every second week on Thursday.

– Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku also holds the ceremony for its guests on the 41st floor.

I remember this memorable scene from Karate Kid II where Kumiko performed the tea ceremony to Daniel.

Happy Tea Break.



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