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Having a hard time getting out of bed?


I don´t drink coffee, but some days I feel I should. There are days I feel so tired that I just want to stay in bed!!! A few years ago I was lucky to try Matcha and experience it’s great effects. Like coffee, it has caffeine to give you a boost, but unlike coffee the caffeine is released gradually in harmony with the amino acids that are naturally found in Matcha. Matcha´s ingredients boost your body energy by up to 6 hours while helping you to remain calm and focused. It´s great!


I still remember the first time I tried Matcha during our Tea masterclass at Tea Smith.  A small amount of matcha is placed into a bowl with hot water and then the mixture is whisked with a specific bamboo tea whisk, known as chasen. The colour, the flavour and the whole process is really impressive. For me Matcha has a complex and intriguing flavour with a stimulant effect. I drink it every morning now and it is my personal daily japanese ceremony at home. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Today we are going to share this experience in our offices and see what people think of this Tea! You are invited to share your experience with us.


8 thoughts on “Having a hard time getting out of bed?

  1. Mariana made the Matcha tea for me and our team this morning. The process of making the tea was very interesting, sociable and everyone was intrigued by the green paint like powder…. The inital taste of the tea was like strong vegetable water. However, after the inital taste I could just taste green tea….. I feel a little nauseous at the moment, I ate some of the powder at the bottom of my cup… yummy!! However, I am excited to feel the calm buzz and effects of the tea throughout the day!
    Thanks Mariana!

  2. Muito bom, aprovado também em formato gelado, mas é difícil de se fazer bem.

    Parabéns pelo Blog!

  3. Feeling good now!

  4. I came to Mariana feeling crap this afternoon and she made this lovely Matcha tea for me…it was very soothing and relaxing.. I am already in happy place. Thanks Mariana. Looking forward to next tea tasting session 🙂

  5. O Matcha faz maravilhas! E, se ao princípio o sabor não é o mais agradável, depois habitua-mo-nos e começamos a gostar cada vez mais! Aconselho para aqueles dias em que estamos mais cansados ou para quando temos uma festa e queremos aproveitar todos os minutos! 🙂
    Já agora, também gostava de experimentar em gelado..

  6. I usually only have a hard time getting out of bed if I’m behind on sleep or getting up earlier than my usual hour. When I’m having trouble motivating myself though, looking forward to a cup of green tea usually adds some motivation. I haven’t ever had the desire to drink matcha for breakfast, however. My teas of choice for the first cup of the day are usually pan-fired Chinese greens; lately I’ve been drinking huang shan mao feng a lot.

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