My Tea Break

Rediscovering Tea around the world

This morning in my office!


Let’s see how they feel after drinking Matcha!

These are my lovely colleagues – Katherine, PJ, Briony, Joanna and Steve!  

An hour later two more colleagues were interested in participating in our experiment! This was Laura and Sarah!

and Sania and I!



5 thoughts on “This morning in my office!

  1. 9.50am It was an strange experience to begin with – seeing Mariana mix this dark green powder with a special whisk and then drinking a liquid smelling like spinach! Nevertheless we all had fun drinking it and observing the results in one and other. For me, at the moment, 10 minutes since I drank it, nothing much has happened! For my colleagues, other things have happened though – one feels slightly nauseous and the other has stomach cramps! It’s all pyschological though I think. Will keep you posted throughout the morning………it’s great fun!

    10.40am I’m feeling quite alert at the moment, without all the usual caffeine symptoms of racing heart beat etc, so it’s working quite well!

    12.00pm I have lots of energy now and feel ok. I feel hungry and a little thirsty, but that’s normal. I have to leave now so won’t be writing any more entries but it was a fun experiment and I have learnt a little bit more about Tea and Mariana’s passion! Thank you.

  2. I was intrigued by the tea as Mariana mixed it, looking like pond water and this did alarm me. However the smell is what convinced me to taste it, it had a smoked green tea aroma, wholesome and a ‘good for you’ type smell.

    I had some of the tea and was pleasantly surprised, it was warming and tasty.

    Approximately 30 minutes later I felt a little nauseas, but this passed and maybe because I had not yet eaten breakfast. I then felt very hungry, after eating I now feel very alert and would recommend it as an alternative to coffee which always gives me palpitations.

  3. Wowa, really intense green colour when Mariana was mixing that kinda scared me, the smell was a bit like Spinach which put me off but the taste reminded me of a cross between a strong green tea and a miso soup!

    Definitely felt a little weird after it but thought that might be because I’m a coffee drinking normally and was missing my hard caffeine hit. Like my colleagues felt really hungry after a little bit.

    Kept having strange green tea burps as well, but as one of my colleagues kindly pointed out that’s probably all the hot air coming out!

    Thanks Mariana!

  4. Mariana kindly invited me to try the delights of green tea this morning in the office! I wasn’t aware that there was such an involved technique in making tea! The colour of the tea was a bit scary, but then again this is ‘green’ tea!
    I don’t like coffee so was looking forward to receiving an energy boost from trying the tea. I did not find the taste too bad but the colour was slightly off putting.
    I did get a boost for a few hours but then was back to being tired! However I think this is probably due to a lack of rest and was pleased that the tea provided me with the pick me up I needed!

  5. I really liked this tea. It does have an unusual taste and colour but it promotes a great sense of well being. I felt good after drinking it and would certainly choose it again.