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Morocco in a cup!

“Three things are needed in order to make Tea: time, hot charcoal and friends”

Tuareg Proverb

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Mint Tea is the national drink of Morocco – it is the mixture of strong green ‘gunpowder’ tea with fresh mint and large quantities of sugar, to ensure it sweetness!

Tea is extremely important in the Moroccan culture – It is associated not only with tradition, but also with friendship and hospitality.  When Tea was first introduced to the country, by the 18th century, only higher classes and elite groups consumed it. However, at the end of the 19th century it became very popular within all different social classes. Today, Tea is enjoyed by everyone and it is served all day long.

I am pretty sure you recognise this image, if not from experience, from books and movies – this is the particular way Mint Tea is served – the Tea is poured from a high distance, so that it can breathe and make foam on the top.

If you´re ever in Marrakech you need to try Café des Epices or Terrasse des Epices, both inside the Medina and great for a Tea break from the intense shopping experience at the Souk.

For a more luxurious and peaceful Tea experience, you can also go to Amanjena Hotel. I also recommend Hotel Mamounia, Riad Tamsna and Riad dar Moha!

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