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Yellow Tea, a special and rare variety.

Getting back to the Camellia Sinensis plant and the different types of Tea…. We already introduced white and green Tea so today we will lead into Yellow Tea, a very special and rare variety of Tea which is exclusively produced in China.

Yellow Tea is fermented and oxidized for longer than green Tea and it has a slower drying phase. The leaves are dried and then wrapped in thick sheets of paper or cloth.  The leaves are then fried and wrapped again and again. The farmers call this process – “killing the green”. With this process, the chlorophyll of the leaves is broken down so yellow Tea looses the grassy taste which is often associated with green Tea and the leaves take on a yellow coloration.

Yellow Tea Process

The process is time consuming,  difficult and more expensive so this is the least produced and the least known Tea variety. Yellow Tea is produced in very small volumes, smaller even than the exclusive and rare white Teas. Is is mainly manufactured in Hunan and Anhui provinces in China and the most famous variety is Jun Shan Yin Zhen (a Silver Needle yellow Tea from the Hunan province).

Yellow Tea is famous for a golden yellow colour and a mild, smooth and floral taste. Yellow Tea should be brewed in the same way as white Tea: Ideal water temperature should be between 76º and 80º  and infusion time is around 1,5 to 3 minutes.

Being a rare variety of Tea, there is no significant research about the health benefits of Yellow Tea, however it is possible to say that it also has a high number of antioxidants and still maintain the health benefits of green Tea.

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