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Sounds like a good plan!


After a hard week at work, I decided to do something that I enjoy – drink Tea! I went to the Tea & Coffee festival in Southbank, London. The evening was great – I tasted excellent Teas and just relaxed! I believe there is also good coffees, for who is interested! There were also good yummy biscuits, cakes and fudge. The weather was great and the streets full of people. What a good way to start my weekend!

The Tea tastings are for free. I was able to attend the `Tutored Tea Tasting´ (Teas from East India Company) and the ´Chinese Tea Masterclass´ (Teas from Canton Tea Co). Both these events were good and will repeat during the weekend.  Unfortunately I missed the Japanese Tea Ceremony by Postcard Teas, but you can always go to their shop and be part of one.

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For more information please check their website:

Tomorrow I will talk about each Tea I have tasted today. Hope you enjoy it,


Postcard Teas


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