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Theine or Caffeine?


Does Tea contain theine or caffeine? This is a question that occurs quite frequently.

Caffeine is called Theine when it’s found in Tea but it’s the same molecule (C8H10N4O2).  The only difference is in the name which indicates that caffeine comes from the coffee plant while Theine comes from the Tea plant. Caffeine is also the general overarching term and is found not only in coffee and Tea but also in chocolate, guarana, beans, fruits and plants.

This molecule acts as a stimulator on the central nervous system, reducing tiredness and the sensation of fatigue.

According to the UK Tea council, the average daily caffeine consumption should be 300mg.

Compared with other caffeinated drinks such as coffee or coca-cola, Tea contains proportionally less caffeine/theine and its absorption rate is slower, resulting in a more revitalised feeling instead of an agitating effect.

For comparison purposes, please find below the approximate caffeine/theine content per cup in different drinks:

Coffee: 80 mg

Coca-cola: 45 mg

White Tea: 15 mg

Green Tea: 20 mg

Oolong Tea: 30 mg

Black Tea: 40 mg

Rooibos: 0 mg

Please note that these might vary according to the preparation method (for example, an espresso contains more caffeine than filter coffee).

In addition, when combined with Teanine, an amino acid exclusive to Tea which favours relaxation and concentation, Tea give us energy and vitality.


6 thoughts on “Theine or Caffeine?

  1. What about Pu Earth tea? I think it does’nt have any theine, but just to check, i ask the experts!!

    Bjs as duas, estão a fazer um óptimo trabalho 🙂

    • Hi Carol, Thanks for your comment. Yes, Puerh Tea also contains caffeine. However, due to the long fermentation process (it is often left to age for several years) the level of caffeine is mild. The level of caffeine in a Puerh Tea vary depending on the kinds of Tea leaves used and also its age. The older the Puerh, the lower the caffeine. 🙂

  2. Very interesting; I had no idea there was a difference. Thank goodness for caffeine though 🙂

    • Dear Chamomile, Thanks for your comment and for being such a great supporter. The only difference is the name and the absorption rate because the chemical component is exactly the same. We also love caffeine and its revitalizing effect after a cup of Tea! 🙂

  3. The statement that espresso contains more caffeine per cup than a regular drip or perculated coffee is only correct if we are talking about a measuring cup (8oz). It contains the same amount between 80-130mg depending on the bean and the darkness of the roast per serving (which could also be a cup, just a much smaller cup). It does contain a higher concentration per liquid ounce, so if you were to consume 8oz of drip coffee and 8oz of espresso (4 double shots), you would have 4 times more caffeine.

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