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Why should we drink Tea?


Hey all,

There are many different reasons why we should drink Tea – the smell, the colours, the taste, the experience, how much you can learn about each different Tea and, of course, how good it can be for your health.

There can be some confusion about the health benefits of Tea. So I thought the link below might clarify some of your doubts.

Happy Tea Time!



3 thoughts on “Why should we drink Tea?

  1. I’d be reluctant to say anyone “should” drink tea. I love tea and I think it’s great to drink: it’s healthy, tasty. But ultimately, it’s a matter of personal taste.

    I’m a little hesitant about trusting information on tea and health from the UK Tea Council. As an industry group, they have a direct interest in promoting tea, so they are not exactly an unbiased or impartial partner. I tend to prefer independent health-related organizations for getting information about tea. One of my favorite pages is on the Linus Pauling Institute’s website: tea.

  2. I think one of the biggest benefits to drinking tea is simply fluid intake. When were just drinking water we can sometimes forget to keep properly hydrated, but when were enjoying a cup of tea, were having something enjoyable along with a cup or two of water. 😀

  3. Utterly indited written content , thankyou for selective information .