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Teabags – a useful mistake!


Today you can get a Teabag everywhere. Teabags are used all over the world, mainly by the westerners. The Teabag was invented in the beginning of the 20th century.

Thomas Sullivan, an American Tea merchant, had the idea of making little hand-sewn silk bags, when he decided to send out samples of his Teas to his costumers. The idea was for the loose-leaf Tea to be removed from the bags. But some costumers assumed these were to be used as tea infusers and started using the bags to brew the Tea. Tea bags quickly became very popular in the USA, as it was an efficient and functional way of brewing Tea. During the 1920s, Teabags were being commercialised, however, not in silk material, but in gauze and then paper. At this time, Teabags came in two sizes – a smaller one for the cup and a bigger one for the pot.

It was not until the 1950s that Teabags started to be used in Britain. In 1953, Tetley popularised the use of Teabags, which currently occupies 96% of the British Tea market.

Today, we can find Teabags made of different shapes and materials. You can also find better quality Teas in bags, with, for example, loose-leaf Teas being sold in muslin bags.

Although I much rather drink loose-leaf Tea, I must admit that Teabags are quite practical!

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2 thoughts on “Teabags – a useful mistake!

  1. I myself also enjoy loose leaf tea a little more, however, if I’m feeling lazy I’ll reach for a tea bag 🙂 Great post.

  2. Absolutely pent articles , Really enjoyed looking through .