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Pairing Tea and Chocolate


Have you tried pairing a good Tea with the right chocolate? It can be a match made in heaven

It takes a bit of experiment to match the right Tea and Chocolate and it’s all about personal taste. Your best bet is to start with lighter flavoured chocolates and end with a more bittersweet chocolate. The darker the chocolate the more tannins it will have and this will often overshadow the Tea’s tannins on the palate. I prefer to pair White Tea or Teas with a sweet and floral aftertaste with bitter chocolates and vice-versa.

Here are some of my favourite brands:

  • Denegro is a chocolate artisan in Portugal with exquisite chocolates. They sell a box of 5 bonbons with creamy Tea infused: Earl Grey, Jasmine, Green Tea, Red fruits and mint.
  • Vosgues Haut – Chocolates have several great candy bars: Cherry Rooibos (African rooibos tea + dried Michigan cherries + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate); Matcha Green Tea (41% deep milk chocolate Tea infused with Japanese matcha green Tea). Sanctuary T shop in NYC organised a Chocolate & Tea pairing events with Vosgues Chocolat. (They also have a chocolate and bacon bar – It is worth a try!)
  • William Curley is a UK based Patissier Chocolatier based in Richmond and Belgravia. Tea Smith, London, usually organises a Tea & Chocolate Tasting event. The jasmine truffles are unbelievable…
And the best news is that this is also healthy. A Penn study suggests that pairing Tea and Chocolate can be beneficial for hearth health. Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton, distinguished professor of nutrition and lead author of the review, says, “Since tea, without milk or sugar, contains no calories, it’s an ideal way to add antioxidant flavonoids to your diet without increasing your weight. Having a chocolate cookie that also contains fruit and nuts along with the Tea, if consumed in moderation, can be a heart healthy snack.”
Nowadays you also have some Tea flavoured chocolates but we will keep that topic for another post as Chocolate is something that both myself and Mariana enjoy talking about. 🙂
Happy Tea Break. 

2 thoughts on “Pairing Tea and Chocolate

  1. Thanks for the tips, I never know how to match chocolate and tea and I’m such a fan of both!