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Sunder Nagar


Delhi markets are very popular among shopping fans. You have several markets spread across the city where you can find everything from jewellery, carpets, clothing, bags, antiques and  obviously Tea.

Sunder Nagar is a market famous for its antique and art shops but where you can also  find wonderful Tea shops.

Regalia Tea House is a nice shop with a good variety of Teas from all over India

Regalia Tea House

available and some unique blends.

Right next door, you will find Mr. Mittals’s Tea Shop where you also find a great variety of Teas from all over India, spices and crystallized fruit.

I’ve just finished a book called “Delivering Happiness” that shows the importance of customer service and Mr. Mittal’s shop is a perfect example as I left the shop feeling very happy. He explains and suggests different Teas to the customers and also offers complimentary Tea Tasting.

Mr. Mittal Tea Shop

Mr. Mittal

Mr. Mittal recommended me a Darjeeling Muscatel, which I have never tried before. Producing such a Tea is always a challenge for the planter as only the right conditions of ideal weather combinatios and careful processing in the factory results in small batches of Tea qualifying to be called Muscatel.

Always learning…

Happy Tea Break.



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