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@ TEKOE Tea Shop, Lausanne Switzerland


As some of you may know, I am living in Lausanne. I arrived last week and while exploring this beautiful city, I discovered an amazing Tea shop – Tekoe.

I was lucky enough that Monika, one of the workers, speaks English. She, very kindly, talked to me about the shop, the Teas and about the yummy Tea food they also sell (biscuits, ice creams!!).

They have a lot of Tea – from China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Kenya, South America, South Africa and others. They have all different kinds of Teas, from the simple and pure ones (like dragon well), to the typical blends (like English breakfast),  their own blends and flavoured Teas. I was fascinated by the amount of choice you have and by the different mixtures.

I usually prefer plain Tea, but yesterday I tried `Sencha aromatise au Caramel´. I drank it cold, as I have been melting in this city, for the past week.  It was a very interesting mixture and tasted very good!

I also bought a few biscuits – all made with Tea. They are excellent! I bought one with earl grey Tea and another one with green Tea. Delicious!

I do recommend you to try Tekoe Teas! I feel I have a world to explore in this shop and I am definitely going back to try new Teas.

They have shops in: Basel, Ben, Geneva, Haute-Nendaz, St Gallen and Lausanne (centre and train station). You can always purchase their Teas online:

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  2. This sounds great – You need to take me to this shop when I come to visit you. Thanks for this information!