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1 year! Thank you Tea Lovers!


We started our blog a year ago!! I cannot believe a year has passed! The blog has enabled us to learn about the amazing world of Tea – from the Tea plant to new Tea concepts. It has been quite an adventure! We have met extraordinary people in this past year – to all, we thank you so much for your availability and patience to teach us more and more!

We also want to thank all our readers and Tea addicts! Thank you for reading and  commenting on My Tea Break and also for your participation. You are amazing!

There is a lot of good quality Tea out there. We hope we can continue to taste it and share our experiences with you!

Tânia & Mariana


4 thoughts on “1 year! Thank you Tea Lovers!

  1. Happy tea-anniversary!

  2. I am forever thought about this, appreciate it for posting .

  3. wonderful post. Ne’er knew this, thankyou for letting me know.