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Tea Pigs

I just found a new Tea brand, Tea Pigs. If you like the name wait until you try one of their Teas…. I love the contrast of the name. Nick and Louise, the founders,  met while working for a big Tea company and founded Tea Pigs in 2006. They say that they love Tea but don’t like the snobbery that sometimes can come with it so they try to concentrate on bringing the very best Tea and not taking themselves too seriously. Thumbs up!

At Teapigs, they believe on using quality real Tea which means they only use whole leaf Tea, herbs and flowers.  Instead of using paper Tea bags they use the Tea Temple –  a roomy, biodegradable mesh bag, which offers all the space whole leaves need to infuse properly.

Tea Temple (Source:

Teapigs also offer you a wide range of Teas. From the Classic Darjeeling, Pure Jasmine Pearls or Silver White Tips to more exquisite and original blends like the Popcorn Tea (Green Tea with popcorn like Genmaicha), Yerba Mate – the energy brew from South America and the refreshing Lemon and Ginger. I tried this one today and it really feels like summer in a cup of Tea. It is light and refreshing with a citrus flavour. I also love their fun packaging

You can buy it online on or find your nearest stockist. I found them in my local organic grocery shop. 🙂

Happy Tea Break.



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