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A great Tea from Africa – The African Dawn

I just received a great present from my dearest friend Helen – 200g Loose Rooibos Tea.

Image from thew websiteThis Tea comes from a Rooibos Tea Estate called African Dawn and it is produced by The Big Five Rooibos Company (Pty.) Ltd. The company was born in 1998 and it is one of the world´s leading Rooibos Tea estate.

They produce 5 different kinds of Rooibos: Natural Rooibos; and then flavoured Rooibos with Lemon, Vanilla, Honey and Blackcurrant.

The company also does different kinds of packaging. This specific pack is what the company´s considers to be the ´old style super grade long cut´ Rooibos.

For more information please check their website:

I have just tried it and it is a fantastic Rooibos, Thank you Helen!!



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