My Tea Break

Rediscovering Tea around the world

Tea Time. Fancy a beer?

Molson Coors Brewing Co, one of the world’s largest brewer, is introducing Coors Light Iced T. 

Coors Light Iced T is being described as “Iced tea-flavored beer” with a citrus flavour, roughly 4% alcohol content and no caffeine.

CEO Peter Swinburn said that their idea is to mix the word’s most refreshing beer, Coors Light, with the world’s most refreshing non-alcoholic drink, ICED TEA, and they hope to attract the kind of drinkers who typically drink wine or cocktails instead of beer.

I tried Beer Tea in China and it was quite nice so would love to try this one as well but their launching this product in Canada first before rolling out to the other markets.

Happy Tea Time.



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