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Functional innovations – The Magisso Tea Cup

The Magisso Teacup changes the way we brew and drink Tea!

The bottom of this cup is triangled so it can sit in one of two positions. Simply put loose Tea in the strainer, pour hot water and let it steep for the right amount of time (depending on the Tea you’re brewing). Then tilt the cup the other way and voilà, ready to drink the Tea straight from the cup. No hassle of removing Tea leaves and especially useful if you’re drinking Tea in the office. The strainer is removable for easy cleaning, and the Magisso Teacup is available in 2 color versions, black or white.

Source: via Tania on Pinterest

Designed in Finland by Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jääsö, the Magisso Teacup was recognized at the 2011 Red Dot design awards.

You can also watch it in action through the following youtube link:

Smart! Elegant! Effective!

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