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I am absolutely in love with FORLIFE Teapots, cups and mugs. FORLIFE was established in 1994 by the ceramic designer and entrepreneur, Masa Fujii, in Los Angeles. The design philosophy of FORLIFE is simplicity with function. They create products that will last for a long time while staying beautiful and fresh for a lifetime. Hence the name..

All their products have a very simple and elegant style and come in a wide range of cool colours.

Acorn Teapot: The acorn-shaped Teapot, complete with the Basket Infuser with handle, allows you to easily remove the infuser at the optimal time! Pours very smoothly and cleaning is hassle free with the detachable lid.

Bell Glass Teapot: The stylish bell-shaped glass Teapot also comes with a basket Infuser with handle and the Push-on-Lid.

Tea for One: The Café Style Tea for One, complete with an extra-fine 0.3 mm stainless-steel tea infuser built-in teapot and cup, is designed for simple and clean way of making your own cup of tea.

 MIST Ice Tea Jug:  A simple way of making the cold-steeping ice tea. The double ring silicone gasket ensures lid from falling off when serving. The 0.5 mm hole stainless-steel filter catches tea leaves and gives you smooth pouring. The filter and silicone gasket are easy to take apart for cleaning. True borosilicate hand blown glass can take hot water to ice cold water.

Q Teapot:  Created for modern tea servings with many superb functions in distinctive style. The detachable stainless-steel lid makes for easy cleaning. The infuser comes with food-safe polypropylene handle to control steeping time easier. The more condensed 0.5 mm holes will allow tea to circulate better in the teapot.

Stump Teapot: Includes a very thin infuser which allows you to steep fine loose-leaf teas to large whole-leaf Teas.

Curve Tall Tea Mug: This Curve Tall Tea Mug is designed for simple and clean way of steeping just one fresh cup of tea in your own cup. To make your desired tea, simply take the infuser out from the teacup when tea steeped at right timing. Turn the lid upside-down, it works as an infuser holder.

Japanese Tea Cup: Matching cup with all FORLIFE teapots.

You can find them online on amazon and several other online retailers or alternatively you can check your nearest retailer on

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  1. What a great collection of colourful teapots! I gave my mum a yellow stump teapot for her birthday and she loves it; it pours well, looks nice and is really easy to use with it’s lift-out strainer.