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Homemade Ice Fruit Tea

Ready-to-drink  Ice Tea  is not as healthy as we’ve been led to believe. Most brands contain artificial ingredients, sweeteners, additives and unnatural colors. Bottled teas also may contain fewer of the beneficial chemicals that give Tea its healthy reputation.

A homemade Ice Fruit Tea or Spritzer is a healthy and inexpensive way to enjoy a flavored Tea drink made at home.

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest

Today I suggest this refreshing strawberry Ice Tea recipe:

  • 2 cups whole frozen strawberries
  • 1 litre of white Tea
  • 2 spoons of lemon juice
  • Blend your strawberries until smooth.
  • Mix the pureed strawberries, Tea and lemon juice.
  • Chill until ready to serve.
  • If you have a Prodyne Fruit Infusion pitcher you can also fill the rod with cut strawberries and let it mix with the Tea naturally. 

    Source: via Tania on Pinterest

    Happy Summer Tea Break.



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