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Huoshan Huangya – Yellow bud Tea


Yesterday I tried  Huoshan Yellow bud Tea. I only had Yellow Tea once before –  is a rare variety of Tea produced in China – mainly in the Hunan, Anhui and Sichuan provinces. Because the process of making proper Yellow Tea is very time consuming, this Tea is only produced in small volumes and considered quite exclusive and rare.

The process is similar to Green Tea but undergoes a slightly longer oxidation process, removing the grassy aftertaste which is often associated with Green Tea. You can learn more about Yellow Tea and its oxidation process in our previous post about Yellow Tea.

Huoshan Hungaya is a high grade yellow Tea from the Huo Shan county, Anhui Province.  It is made from tender slim buds and processed by a traditional stir-fire procedure hence the name Yellow Bud Tea  – Huangya.

Huoshan Huangya was created in the Tang dynasty (618-907 A.D) and Lu Yu described this special yellow Tea in his famous book “Classic of Tea”. It is said that the processing method of this Tea was lost in 1940s and only reproduced in 1972 by three distinguished Tea masters.  Some Tea experts say that even today the original processing techniques are not followed and is made as green Tea.

The colour of the Tea is bright and clear and the taste is very subtle, mellow and refreshing with a sweet aftertaste.

If you get the chance do try this wonderful Tea please do so. Highly recommended!

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3 thoughts on “Huoshan Huangya – Yellow bud Tea

  1. Where did you buy this yellow tea? I was in London in March and bought some yellow bud tea at Fortunoff & Mason and your blog notes seem like it might be similar. I have tried a couple places and bought yellow tea since then but nothing has been close to the yellow tea I got in London. Where did you buy yours?