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Genmaicha – Brown Rice Tea

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Genmaicha, often called “Popcorn Tea”  or “Brown Rice Tea” is a traditional Japanese blend with Green Tea and roasted brown rice. 

Source: via Tea on Pinterest

Although there are several versions about the origins of Genmaicha, it seems that it was invented about 90 years ago by a small Tea shop in Kyoto, Japan. The original motivation was to create a more affordable Tea for mass consumption. The reputation of being a cheap tea has stuck with Genmaicha until very recently. It was mostly made with low grade tea leaves from the late harvest (bancha) and the rice was used to mask any off-flavours. Nowadays,  you can find Genmaicha with much higher quality sencha or the addition of matcha and is now consumed by all social classes in Japan and abroad.

Genmaicha has a natural nutty and toasty flavour and aroma and can be served either as a hot or cold drink. It is delicious either way…

Source: via Teas on Pinterest

To brew this Tea you should use spring water (as always!), temperature should be between 70°C and 80°C and infuse between 2-3 min. The Tea leaves do not have to be removed after the first steeping, simply add more hot water after the first cup is enjoyed.

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  1. Popcorn tea is one of my favourites. It has such a great flavour and it’s nice to be able to make your own too. 🙂