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My Tea Break Charity:Water Project

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Dear Tea friends,

You may remember that last March we’ve fundraised a Charity:Water project to help communities in need of clean water. Click here to see our campaign.

We are happy to share that our donation is now underway in Ethiopia and Nepal.

Of the nearly 31 million people in Nepal, 11% lack access to clean drinking water and 69% lack access to sanitation. With My Tea Break  help, Charity:Water’s local partner – Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), is building 40 large-scale gravity fed water systems and 62 rehabilitated hand-dug wells in the Sinduhili and Chitwan districts.

Mora than 86 million people live in Ethiopia, and 56% lack access to clean drinking water. Charity:Water’s local partner – A Glimmer of Hope (AGOH), is building 60 new and  rehabilitated hand-dug wells, 79 new and rehabilitated drilled wells, and 11 new and rehabilitated spring protections.

Charity:water is a non-profit organization that brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of your donation will directly fund water project costs like pump heads, cement, pipes and local staff.

As soon as the work is complete they will send a report a details of each project that you helped, including GPS coordinates, photos and the final costs so you can see the real impact you made.

Can you believe that with only $20 you can help one person get fresh clean water!

Thanks for everyone who got involved and it’s never too late to get involved with this amazing charity.

Mariana & Tania


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  1. What a fantastic project, congratulations ladies!