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Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is one of the most popular varieties of Japanese green Teas and definitely one of my favourite Teas. Sen meaning green and cha meaning tea, sencha translates literally as green Tea.

The process by which Sencha  is created differs from Chinese green Teas, which are initially pan-fired. This Tea is gently steamed to fix the leaves and preserve their original green colour before being rolled and dried into a flat needle shape.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Sencha is the most common Tea in Japan, accounting for three quarters of all Tea drunk in the country.  When you drink Tea in a Japanese restaurant  it is likely to be Sencha.  

This Tea  is grown in almost all the Tea producing areas of Japan so the quality can vary a lot depending on the harvesting season and area.

I’ve recently tried a sencha from the Uji area which was delicious. The leaves had a deep green colour with an aroma of fresh grass and perfectly balanced flavour. It had a refreshing and sweet aftertaste with a subtle astringency.

If you’re a sushi fan I encourage you to order Sencha Tea on your next sushi meal! It’s delicious…

Sushi and Tea

Happy Tea Break.



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