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Darjeeling White Tea


This week I had the privilege to try a Darjeeling White Tea –  The Arya Pearl first flush –  from the Arya Estate in Darjeeling, as part of the Canton Tea Club.

The Arya Tea Estate is located the Darjeeling district of West Bengal in India.  The Darjeeling region is widely known for its Black Tea so Darjeeling White Teas are extremely rare and difficult to find.  It is only produced in small quantities and by a few artisan Tea producers such as Arya Tea Estate. This estate sits at an average altitude of 1500 meters and covers 125 hectares, with just over 300 acres  under Tea plantation.

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This White Tea is processed in the same way as Chinese White Tea but the location and climate of Darjeeling give it a unique flavour.

The dry leaves have a mixture of white and green olive colour with a fresh aroma. The infusion is bright clear with a delicate smooth flavour and a sweet aftertaste.

Arya White Darjeeling Tea

The first time I tried this Tea I was just focused on enjoying. It is soooo special…. but the second time I sat down with the list of tasting notes provided by Canton and could definitely recognize the sweet flavour with a hint of vanilla and nutmeg.

This is an incredible Tea…

Happy Tea Break.


2 thoughts on “Darjeeling White Tea

  1. I should try this. I’m not a fan of Darjeeling normally, but maybe this edge might suit me. 🙂

  2. This is a very different kind of darjeeling Tea so it’s worth trying. 🙂