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Infusion de Cacao by Pierre Marcolini

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I was recently in Brussels and visited a Pierre Marcolini shop. Pierre Marcolini opened his first store in Brussels in 1995, the same year he was named the World Champion of Pastry. The flagship store in Grand Sablon in Brussels, is similarly chic and minimal. Pierre Marcolini is like a designer of chocolate as he travels all over the world to select cocoa beans and make his own cocoa butter.

My plan was to buy some really good chocolates but when I entered the shop, I was surprised by a a limited edition of a new product – Infuso de Cacao. This is not Tea neither hot chocolate. The infusion is composed by shells of roasted cocoa beans.

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You have 3 options: the natural infusion, the cinnamon infusion and the jasmine infusion. These infusions contain polyphenols, antioxydants, and are a stimulating drink (contain theobromine+caffeine) but also low fat.

I couldn’t resist and bought the jasmine infusion which is delicious. The delicious smell leads us to expect a chocolaty taste, but the infusion has an intense, rounded and pleasant flavour. Perfect for a winter treat!

Happy Tea Break.


One thought on “Infusion de Cacao by Pierre Marcolini

  1. This sounds really lovely. I think I would have tried the cinnamon option. You’ll need to return and try the other two. 🙂