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My Tea Break gift guide 2013

Christmas is just around the corner so we decided to put together a Tea inspired gift guide.


1. Taste of China Tea Hamper (£30) from CantonTea

2. Nomu Teapot (£36) from ENO Studio available on

3. Retro Tea Print ($24.99) from visualphilosophy available on Etsy

4. Silver Needle White Tea (£13.50) from Jing

5. Christmas Cup (£8) from Make International available on

6. White Lotus & Green Tea Shower Foam (£8.50) from Rituals

7. Cape Colony Rooibos (£7) from The East India Company

8. Miso & Walnut Biscuits (£5.50) from William Curley

9. Yakushima Sencha Green Tea (£9.95) from Postcard Teas

We hope this guide will help you find some inspiration for friends, family and yourself.

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Happy Tea Break!

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Tea is getting more popular in Miami

“.. tea drinking seems to be rising in popularity but are South Floridians ready to trade their coffee break for tea time? ”

Check out this link – Tea is getting more popular in Florida

Have a great Tea Break!

Afternoon Tea with Jimmy Choo at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

This is probably the most fashionable Afternoon Tea set I’ve ever seen.

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong partnered with Jimmy Choo to offer an afternoon Tea set at their MO bar inspired by Jimmy Choo’s Spring Summer 2013 collection.

The afternoon Tea set offered Foie Gras high heels, white chocolate bags, milk chocolate shoes filled with lemon and chocolate biscuits, macaroons and sone ginger and raisin scones.


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.53.46 PM



The experience was priced at HKD 260($33 USD) per person from Mondays to Fridays, including the three-tier tea set, a delectable cake buffet and a choice of JING Tea; and HKD 280($36 USD) per person on Saturdays and Sundays, topped with a weekend dessert buffet. All guests will receive a special gift set from Jimmy Choo with the Tea set.

This is a great idea from Mandarin Oriental…

Happy Tea Break.


Royal Albert London Tea Tour


This is a great idea! Royal Albert, the purveyors of floral tableware and Tea sets, are doing a Tea tour around London with a vintage-theme van serving Tea, macaroons, ice-cream and other afternoon Tea treats. Today there were in Spitafields market so I went there to check it out!



If there are spaces, you get offered a seat at a table, and you can get a 3 tier cake stand filled with tiny cupcakes and macaroons and obviously a Cup of Tea in their lovely tea sets. Royal Albert has been established since 1986 and focus on floral designed tableware,Tea sets and other accessories.



photo (1)


Join the Royal Albert Tea Tour for Tea, Cake, Fun & Frivolity.

Happy Tea Break.


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Infusion de Cacao by Pierre Marcolini

I was recently in Brussels and visited a Pierre Marcolini shop. Pierre Marcolini opened his first store in Brussels in 1995, the same year he was named the World Champion of Pastry. The flagship store in Grand Sablon in Brussels, is similarly chic and minimal. Pierre Marcolini is like a designer of chocolate as he travels all over the world to select cocoa beans and make his own cocoa butter.

My plan was to buy some really good chocolates but when I entered the shop, I was surprised by a a limited edition of a new product – Infuso de Cacao. This is not Tea neither hot chocolate. The infusion is composed by shells of roasted cocoa beans.

photo (2)

You have 3 options: the natural infusion, the cinnamon infusion and the jasmine infusion. These infusions contain polyphenols, antioxydants, and are a stimulating drink (contain theobromine+caffeine) but also low fat.

I couldn’t resist and bought the jasmine infusion which is delicious. The delicious smell leads us to expect a chocolaty taste, but the infusion has an intense, rounded and pleasant flavour. Perfect for a winter treat!

Happy Tea Break.

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The 10 Famous Chinese Teas

In China there is the legendary list of the 10 Famous Chinese Teas but this list seems to vary from source to source. The lists varies considerable depending on the area where it was compiled and the current trends of Tea consumption.


However, there are some Teas that appear in every list and that should be a good sign. We’ve created a list of those:

  1. Dragon Well (Long Jing), Green Tea –  Hanghzou, Zhejiang Province
  2. Green Snail Spring (Bi Luo Chun), Green Tea – Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
  3. Iron Goddess (Tieguanyin), Oolong Tea – Anxi,  Fujian Province
  4. Yellow Mountain Fur Peak (Huangshan Mao Feng), Green Tea –  Huangshan, Anhui Province
  5. Jun Mountain Silver Needle (Junshan Yinzhen), A type of rare Yellow Tea – Yueyang,Hunan Province
  6. Qi Men Red (Qimen Hong), Black Tea – Qimen County, Anhui Province
  7. Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao), Oolong Tea – Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province
  8.  Liu An Melon Seed (Liu An Gua Pian), Green Tea – Jinzhai, Anhui Province
  9. Xin Yang Hairy Tip (Xin Yang Mao Jian), Green Tea – Xinyang, Henan Province
  10. Monkey King Tea (Tai Ping Hou Kui), Green Tea – Taipin,  Anhui Province

For more information about Chinese Provinces check our previous post – Chinese Tea Provinces.

Happy Tea Break.