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An interesting combination: Tea and Porto Wine

Thuy Tien, from Mùi Concept, has very kindly sent us a completely different Tea – “Porto” – which is a combination of BLack Tea,  raisins and an aroma of Porto Wine!

My sister and I were a bitt suspicious about tasting this Tea, as we were not seeing how these two drinks could be balanced together.

I am glad I had the opportunity to try it. It has a floral and soft aroma and taste. It has an intense and very pleasant aftertaste.

This was a very interesting experience and I recommend you to try it.

Thank you Thuy!

Happy Tea Break,


Tea for 2 @ Parede, Portugal

Today, I went to a lovely Teahouse in Parede (between Lisbon and Cascais), with my mum.

This Tea house offers, not only a variety of good quality Teas; but also many different pastries and natural juices.

We had really nice scones and I tried the Irish Cream Black Tea. I enjoyed it very much. The Tea is soft and sweet in flavour and it gave me energy for my spin bike class at the gym!!!

Contact details:

  • Address:  Avenida República 1644, Loja A, 2775-272 Parede
  • Tlf. 214 573 524

Happy Tea Break,


Jubilee Tea Blend by The East India Company

This year is the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II to mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign in. Several celebrations will be held across the UK during the first week of June of 2012.  In honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The East India Company created a special and rare Tea blend created in honor of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, the Jubilee Tea blend.

This Tea propagated over nearly 60 years from a Tea bush planted in 1954 by HRH Prince Philip during a state visit to Sri Lanka. In 1954 the Queen was escorted on a state trip to Sri Lanka by her husband Prince Philip. Prince Philip was invited to visit the Pedro Estate Tea Plantation in Nuwara Eliya. To commemorate his visit to the estate HRH Prince Philip was given the opportunity to plant his own Tea bush, which subsequently flourished. Over the last 57 years cuttings taken from this very special bush have been propagated on the estate resulting in an exclusive royal Tea area.

We had the pleasure to taste a sample of this fine Ceylon Black Tea which has a delicate aroma and the infusion results in a bright golden liquor with a rich, smooth and creamy taste and a slight hint of sweetness. It can be drunk black but can also be taken with milk. Perfect for an afternoon Tea!

The Jubilee Tea blend is a limited edition available from April 17th (pre-order now available) and will be sold exclusively by the East India Company website or from its flagship store in Mayfair (7-8 Conduit Street, W1S 2XF, London).

If you have the chance it is worth trying this amazing Tea.

Happy Tea Break.


Cold Tea / Chá Frio

The Spring is here and the weather is now warmer (ihih!) ! So, today, I am suggesting Cold Tea.

How to prepare it? It´s very simple!

– You should infuse 10g of Tea in 1 Litre of water at room temperature for one night.  Take the leaves in the morning and put your Tea in the fridge.

– Another way to prepare it is by infusing 10g of Tea on 1/2 L at the recommended temperature, let it cool down and add 1/2 L of cold water.

You can use aromatized or flower Teas, but also plain Teas. Last summer I used to drink a lot of Oolong Bao Zhong, an amazing Tea from Taiwan. I also recommend cold Rooibos, which is great for children! You can also add citrus peel, sugar, honey, mint, ginger and/or spices.

Happy Tea Break,



Chegou a Primavera, o tempo está mais quente e apetece mais beber um refresco! My Tea Break aconselha que beba Chá Frio!

È muito simples de preparar: 

– Faça uma infusão de 10g de chá para 1 litro de água à temperatura ambiente. Deixe as folhas durante a noite. Na manhã seguinte retire as folhas e ponha o chá no frigorifico.

– Outra forma é fazer a infusão de 10g em 1/2 litro de água à temperatura recomendada, deixar arrefecer e acrescentar 1/2 litro de água fria.

Tanto os Chás aromatizados como os simples são óptimos para fazer Chá frio. Recomendo Oolong Bao Zhong, um fantástico chá do Taiwan e Rooibos, que também é óptimo para as crianças! Depois da infusão, pode acrescentar cascas de limão ou laranja, gengibre, menta, açúcar, mel e/ou especiarias a seu gosto.

Tenha um óptimo dia,



How To Choose The Right Tea for You?

Hi Tea Lovers,

Jesse Jacobs, from the Samovar Tea Lounge, can help you decide which is the right Tea for you. You should answer the following questions:

  • How do you wanna feel?
  • What am I eating?
  • Tea Category and what kind of flavour do you like?

Check out his video –  

Happy Tea Beak,



Special T from Nestlé

Last year, Nestlé launched a new concept , Special T,  which brews Tea from capsules.

Special.T by Nestlé offers a selection of 25 tea varieties – ranging from green, black, blue, red and white teas, to flavoured teas and organic herb teas – which are carefully sourced from selected tea farms in China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa. 
The high quality tea leaves are protected by aluminium capsules, with each dosage measured to precision. The perfect brewing time and temperature for each individual tea variety is calculated by the innovative Special.T machine system, which in turn, releases the full benefits and infusion of the tea beverage.”

“I have never tasted the Tea capsules and, to be honest, this is definitely not my cup of Tea! Although I´ve got to say it is a very creative idea!” Mariana

“I actually tried it last weekend as my uncle just bought one. I was quite suspicious about its quality but actually I enjoyed it. I tried a Rooibos capsule and it had a pleasant smooth and fresh flavour. It also comes out with a small layer of foam on top which gives it an  Espresso look and feel ” Tania

Click here for more information about Special T.

Happy Tea break!