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Guest post – A Japanese treasure – Kasutera, Castela

Hello everyone,

I was recently given a very nice Japanese green tea cake called Kasutera, Castela. After telling about it to Mariana, I was invited to share my experience and what i´ve recently learned, here at My Tea Break!

This cake is a speciality of the city of Nagasaki, however, its origins go back to the 16th century, when the portugueses arrived in Japan. In 1543, a period of strong and deep cultural exchange started between the Portuguese and the Japanese – this trade went from the most basic daily activities like learning new words, way of dressing and new cooking recipes to scientific and artistic fields.

The portuguese were responsible for sharing and teaching, mainly in Nagasaki, the recipe of the bread of Castela, know in Portugal as the “Pão de ló”.  This recipe was improved and a bit transformed during the past centuries, to suit the Japanese taste, and is now one of the most well known cakes in  Japan – the Kasutera. This cake is highly consumed during Christmas time.

Kasutera was initially very simple, using natural ingredients. Many varieties have been created using powdered green Tea, honey or brown sugar. The one in the pictures is made with green tea and it was light and delicious!




Guest Post: I heart Tea by Joana.

Hello, Joana here, i write a blog called myseastory, about my life in the caribbean, and I’m so happy to be guest posting on myteabreak today.

I have this ritual every morning, I make myself a big pot of green tea. Somehow I feel it helps me start the day with a mini cleanse! So there you go, you can tell I love everything tea!

Would love to share a few of my favourite tea things from around the web – enjoy!

clockwise from top left: you are my cup of tea poster from etsy; earl grey tea macarons by lette; my favourite pantone tea mug from selfridges; cute tea napkins from zara home; the perfect tins to keep your tea from cath kidston; delicious tea honey from crate and barrel; tea candle from the conran shop; tea of choice from kusmi tea – joana


Guest Post – The Tea Cup, London

My Tea Break has invited its first guest to share a Tea experience. My dearest friend Joanna Harris-Tench has been to The Tea Cup in London and has given us her views about this Tea house.

“I was lucky enough to stumble on The Tea Cup on a cold afternoon during Christmas week.  It serves as a welcome respite from chain store coffee shops on the high street. As soon as I opened the heavy black door I felt that I had arrived in the past.

White tablecloths, patterned wallpaper and welcoming smile from behind the counter. I indulged in a cream tea accompanied with an Earl Grey tea. The scones were warm and light, perfect with strawberry jam and clotted cream, the tea was smokey and refreshing.  Costing £6.10 it was an affordable treat on a winter’s afternoon.”

Contact details:
The Tea Cup – Brewers Lane – Richmond – Surrey – TW9 1HH
Tel: 020 8914 8402


Happy Tea Break,

Joanna and Mariana!