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Tea KLip – a new way to brew your Tea

I am big fan of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. There are thousands of interesting projects that you can invest. I’ve invested in a few projects from music, games, videos and even the latest Seth Godin’s book – the Icarus deception  – but today I found a special Tea project,  The KLiP.

The KLip provides an easy way to brew your Tea in a cup and ditch the saucer. The project still has the patent pending, but the integrated saucer design, allows you to simply brew the Tea and go. They had a goal of $8,000 but the project already pledged $13,469 from 313 backers.

From just $25 you can pre-order your own KLiP. 🙂

Check Joel’s video explaining the project:

For more information about this project visit their Kickstarter page:

Happy Tea break.




Timely Steeping

I love gadgets so I am always searching for new Tea gadgets. I am completely in love with this Tea steeper concept by designer Pengtao Yu. The design is intuitive and creates a simple but elegant interaction between the Tea leaves, water and steeping time through a flipping action to start the timer.

The product is currently under development so still not available to buy but we will notify you when it’s ready.

Happy Tea Break.